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-as told in the game-

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Story Characters:

The Comet (Dark Gaia)
A star that approaches Earth every 800 years. It’s light influences the creatures on the planet. It has the highest form of consciousness. As it approaches, the more light it touches any creature, more dark power it receives. Affects the growth of living things, experiencing dramatic evolution changes. Seen as the vehicle of destruction.

Light Gaia
Source of all life, remains in the Dark Space. Only those with Dark Power can see the place. Wants to restore Earth’s original evolution path.

Will & Kara
They are evolved humans, descendants of the Light and Dark Knights.

First coming – Year 0

The comet comes to Earth and the light touches the people at the island of Mu. At first they thought to be a light of spirits. A year after, they begin to change to stone, liquid or demons. Survivors dig an extremely long tunnel to get out of there as they don’t have the technology to make boats. Upon reaching new land they already evolved to Angels, creatures deprived of emotions that perish if they stay in sunlight. At Mu, vampires are developed with bodies that don’t decay. They are capable of transforming people into demons that use as servants.

Second coming – Year ~800

Ancients worshiped the stars, as spirit or demon. This comet was seen as a demon star, it was not welcomed. The Comet reaches Earth, its light touched the ancients and got strange powers. They develop biotechnology and are able to use that light to create their own creatures (example: camels) and plants. Soon they use it as a weapon and develop demons.

The planet is in the brink of destruction, Dark and Light Knights are developed to protect Earth. Fused they become Shadow. A formless body made of light of the comet. It took human form when its consciousness evolved enough. They wear two rings with crystals of dark and light blue that protect them from the comets light. The knights create 6 Mystic statues that encloses they combined power, Firebird. The statues are given to spirits across the world to guard them. The ruins that hold them make the constellation of Cygnus on a map, being the Tower of Babel the center of it. The rings are lost.

Third coming – Year ~1600

The comet touches the people of the Moon Clan. Are knows as “Shadows”. The Sky Garden is their mode of transportation. They take a form of spirits.


Explorers travel around the world in search of ancient buildings and relics. They find about the Mystic statues. Legends are born that the statues were made in the shape of spirits.

A messenger arrives to Itory at the Incan Empire. The world is about to be destroyed. Explorers come with famine and diseases that spread across the land. Invaders separate King and Queen. The King gives her the ring of light blue crystal and tells to protect the Mystic Statue. The Incans prepare a ship made of gold packed with all their riches and hide in a cave until the return of their King so they can flee. The King never returned and the ship never sets sail.
Their story is not written but told in songs. The ruins became an ancient tomb.
The Moon Clan saw the decline and destruction of the Incan Empire.

Fourth coming – Year ~2385

Shira creates a barrier around Itory that makes the town invisible. Olman is able to cross the barrier and meets her. Shira’s mother, Lola, has a prophecy; “A child of good heart who controls Dark Powers will set to save the world. At that moment the comet will enter Earths Orbit and Dark Power will arise”. It becomes Itory’s legend.

Bill, Shira’s father, is an architect. He helps building the underground cells of Edward Castle in a labyrinth shape to prevent the escape of prisoners.

Will is born. Shira dies and is reincarnated in Hamlet the pig.

Neil leaves the nest – Year ~2396

Neil, Will’s cousin, leaves his parents’ home at Euro.

Neil uses his plane – Year ~2397

A year after, Neil tests his invention but fails and is missing since. His parents die and are replaced by Moon Clan spirits that took their appearance. Their bodies hide under the shrine. The Moon
Clan start trading slaves and mash money under the family company Rolek.

Olman’s expedition – Year ~2398

An expedition is created to explore the ancient ruins. In the team are also Will and Lance’s father. During the adventure, Olman writes a journal about his findings at the Pyramid. He finds the ring of dark blue crystal and hides it inside Wills’ flute.

At the Tower of Babel they enter a room that contains light of the comet. The adventure ends in tragedy. The time in the tower start flowing much faster, Lance’s father grows old and loses is
memory when he flees with Will. He ends at Watermia. Olman can’t escape and his decayed body stays at the tower as he evolves too fast inside that chamber. Will has been engulfed with omet’s light and now can control the Dark Power. By being a Knights descendant, the ring protects him from the comet’s light. He is sent to live with his grandparents at South Cape.

6 Months before game starts

The father of Nana and Sabras, from Watermia, explores Incan ruins. But perishes. He has a charm with a letter from his kids.

A man at Watermia learns about his illness that will kill him. He gambles with his life at Russian Glass to gather as much money as he can for his family before his dead.

Game starts – Year ~2399

Queen Edwine hires Jackal, a famous hunter, to find the rings of crystal. Princess Kara escapes the castle and hides in Will’s house at South Cape. Soldiers take here back. King Edward writes a letter summoning Will at the castle asking to bring the ring. But he doesn’t know where it is and is sent to the cells. The King wants to control the ancients biotechnology to gain power over the rest.

Lola, Will’s grandmother, asks Lilly to help Will escape the prison. First she takes them to Itory village, then goes to aid Will. Kara gives Hamlet the key of the cell and sends him to help too.

In the far-off Asian continent across the ocean, animals and people are starting to get unknown diseases and die or transform to stone. In a hunter tribe, Imas, Remus and Sam, being taken advantage of their hunger, are captured as slaves and sold as laborers at Freejia.

At the arid lands in another place there are native villages that are suffering of big famine. They resort to cannibalism. The Rolek company takes advantage of the situation and takes natives as slaves to sell them at Dao, keeping the commerce in Euro.

Itory village

Will visits the Moon Clan Camp and obtains the Incan statues. The comet is coming.

Incan Ruins

Will reaches the Golden Ship. All his friends come too. Kara takes the light blue ring from the Incan Queen. The Ship leaves the cave and is attacked by Riverson, a big sea creature of unknown shape. Seth falls and is eaten. He takes the form of Riverson (Leviathan in Japan).

The ship is destroyed, Will and Kara survive in a piece of a boat. They notice a red star near the Cygnus constellation below its left foot joint. Will develops feelings for Kara and a few days later faints due to scurvy.


A dog named Turbo finds the boat and the couple are rescued. Erik and Lilly are also there. Lance too but suffers of memory loss. Erik helps a captive, Sam, to flee. In the process Erik is taken hostage and Sam is took again captive. Tells Will where Erik is. While saving him, Imas, Remus and Sam are sent to the mine.

Diamond Mine

The three kid slaves know the song of past that will help Lance recover his memories. They are freed.

The group visits Neil.

Neil Cottage

They learn the Nazca ruin painting of a condor is based on Cygnus’s constellation, their guess is that those painting serve as airports to the sky. The place that would be the new red star in the
constellation activates a teleport to the Sky Garden. Transportation method of the Moon Clan.

The shape of Cygnus resembles the island of Mu.

Mu Palace

Their plane crashes at the palace that leads to Mu. Officials at Freejia sell slaves to vampires and send them here so they are turned into demon servants by using a fountain. A purification stone
reverses the effect.


They learn the history of Mu from Rama, its King. He tells them about the tunnel they made to flee the comet’s light.

Angel Tribe

After a month, they reach the village. Lance falls in love with Lilly. Kara is transformed into a painting by Ishtar. A kiss from Will saves her. They go to Watermia.

Watermia – Year ~2400

A year has passed since they started the journey. Lance meets his father and get an antidote from the great wall to heal his condition. Will wins a battle at Russian Glass with a man that was ill since six months ago.

Nana and Sabras are still waiting for her father that went to the Incan ruins.

They get 4 kruks thanks to the will of the deceased gambler. Lance and Lilly, now as a couple, stay at Watermia taking care of Lance’s father. The rest goes to Euro, Neil’s home town.


Jackal is in Euro asking about Princess Kara. Neil’s “parents” talk with him about retirement.

Hamlet reaches Watermia. Lilly sends him to Will by Rolek delivery service.

A group of explorers want to discover the secrets of the Tower of Babel. The groups is made of Friezer, Max and Rudy.

Rofsky and Erasquez talk about a teapot full of tears of wifes that cried during a war long ago. Its power can save people by revealing their true form.

During the retrieval of the teapot, the explorers leave to a near native village and they spend the night there. One of them went missing. After seeing the corpse of their friend they run from the
village in a hurry. They go to Ankor Wat in research of immortality.

Using the tears on Neil’s parents, the Moon Clan is revealed. Neil takes over the company and tries to replace the slave trading with pepper imports. Hamlet arrives and Neil leaves to Dao.

Natives village

The explorers perish at the ruins of Ankor Wat.

Neil, upon reaching Dao, writes Bill and Lola about the situation and where they all are.

When Will and the group arrives, the natives knocks them out and start getting ready to cook them. Hamlet decides to sacrifice himself to give food to the natives. The spirit of Will’s mothers is freed from Hamlet and talks to them. Now the group free, Will goes to Ankor Wat.

Ankor Wat

Friezers corpse lies with a note. Regrets coming to explore the ruins. Hopes his kid does well.
A spirit has being waiting for Will for thousands of years. He has been dreaming all that time and became a flame spirit. In a vision the future is shown to Will. The groups leaves to Dao.

Dao – 6 Months have gone since arriving Watermia

Thanks to Neil’s message, a letter from Bill and Lola arrives with a journal from Olman about the pyramid. Jackal is in town and sends a warning to the couple.


Will learns about Shadow. Jackal captures Kara but dies in a trap. They finally go to the Tower of Babel.

Tower of Babel

Olman teaches Will and Kara that they are descendants of the Dark and Light Knights respectively, and thanks to the rings they now posses and the Mystic statues, they can fuse and achieve their own Shadow form. With this new power they confront The Comet. Beating it vanishes its influence on the planet, letting the Earth to slowly restore its natural way of evolving. A new world is created. Both return to Earth but they will not remember their adventure.


The labor trade was manipulated by Solid Arm, a demon beaten by Blazer. During the adventure he took the appearance of the jeweler. His intention was to use forced labor to gather the red jewels and restore his power to be able to resurrect. But it was taking too long, Will would help instead.

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